16 Jan 2013

Dream Cupcakes

Today Gina became my favourite housemate when she came home with a large box of cupcakes for the flat. After arranging the cupcakes on the table to look 'pretty' and taking close to one hundred pictures, it didn't take long before we all tucked in to 'test' the cakes.

After one small mouthful I discovered a new found love for red velvet cake. It may not be valentines day or anything remotely romantic for that fact, but who needs a romantic occasion to indulge in a delicious red velvet cupcake.

The cookies and cream was equally delicious, with a super yummy butter icing on top. By this point i think we were all beginning to feel a little sick, not only from the excitement but from the deliciously smooth vanilla flavoured topping. 

After guiltily demolishing the whole box of cupcakes we decided to make ourselves feel better by reassuring each other that while these ridiculously calorific drops of heaven were full of naughtiness, they were equally full of all the nutrients we need in our heathy balanced lifestyle.....mile, eggs, *small* amount of sugar. Let's be honest, who were we trying to fool!

I have a feeling that Dream Cupcakes may be having a fair few visits from the girls at Commercial Road in the future (near, VERY near future) and Gina you feel free to surprise up with these delights any time you like!

If you are tempted by these then why not treat yourself, everyone deserves a cheat day once in a while! Check out what flavours you can indulge in at http://www.dreamcupcakes.co.uk/