18 Jan 2013

Winter Walks

After a long day of doing nothing, avoiding doing work and feeling guilty, Reuben and I chucked on our wellies and headed out for a muddy walk along the river...... also known as a break from doing work!!

Reuben made an attempt of showing off his masculinity by swinging on a branch like Tarzan, only to a much smaller extent!  

We muddled our way through the stream, avoiding getting our wellies soaked through, (no one enjoys a squelching walk home), and came out at the other end dry as a bone and smothered in mud!

Time for a little wash off, why wash your wellies at home when you have a perfectly suitable cleaner in the middle of the field!

After effortlessly breezing up out of the stream, Reuben tried to follow....he wasn't so successful (maybe Tarzan was having a day off!). 

We had a really nice walk, and even avoided getting soaked by an overly excited dog on the way back and even more getting soaked but an overly excited black rain cloud, fast approaching. 

Back home, showered, hot chocolate in hand and plenty of blankets. Thats what you call a perfect Sunday evening ad a perfect way to avoid doing your work!