26 Jul 2014

Damnoen Saduak

After a long and (not so) peaceful nights sleep in the beautiful air-conditioning, we managed to let the jetlag get the better of us and missed our 9am breakfast. 

This wasn't the worst thing in the world as it just meant we had to indulge in a Thai crepe which almost broke the bank at 50p!

I know what your thinking, a crepe for breakfast, this is indeed very naughty but hey-ho we're on holiday and it was worth every second of naughtiness! 

I of course went for the banana and Nutella concoction, as that is THE ultimate pancake topping. (Also it makes it super healthy as there is a whole bananna chucked in.....kind of!)

We perched on the curb, tourist style, and chomped away as we watched the world go by on Koh San road. People watching here definitely beats your average Starbucks lunch break people watching! 

It only took a couple of minutes before we were sweating and gasping for a glug of water, so we headed off to 7/11 (aka the lifesaver for all those familiar with Thailand) and topped ourself up with some ice cold liquids. 

A quick freshen up and we were off out again to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Bangkok is famously known for it's floating markets so we wanted to see what all the hooha was about. 

After a considerably longer journey than expected we finally arrived and hopped straight in a longtail boat, with a friendly old lady who sat on the back and paddled.

The Floating Market was everything we expected and more! 

The colours of the fruits and flowers are incredible.

As we drifted down stream people would pull you over in your boat, desperate for you to buy something from their stall, which sold EXACTLY the same as the stall before.....and the one before that! 

People were selling all sorts, from your typical tourist Singha vests, to fresh and juicy Thai fruit.

As we approached the finish we decided it was definitely time for a Chang break. Chang is a famous Thai beer that is drank by the world and his wife in Thailand. The best part is that wherever you go, its sold ice cold! Perfect for a 20 min chill in the shade.

Spirits high, we then headed off to the speedboat where we zoomed through villages on water! Something you never thought you'd see!

The houses we incredible, the majority made by their owner. It was incredible to see the way that they were built in order to survive the tropical climate.

This vibrant crib was my personal fave!

As we sped down the river, locals would come out of their houses to give us a wave, it was an incredible journey and I have to say the breeze was to die for!

When we arrived back at camp we hopped in a taxi and headed back to the hotel, safe to say everyone shared a 40 winks in the aircon on the way home.

If you heading to Thailand and thinking of doing a floating market I couldn't recommend it enough, especially if your a keen photographer, as the views are simply amazing!