25 Jul 2014

Bangkok Adventure Day 1

After being set on going to Mexico for two weeks this summer and being in the process of booking the holiday, Reuben and I had the bright idea of going to Thailand for 3 weeks to exploreeeee!

Our first adventure on leaving Bangkok airport was getting in one of these bad boys.....

Sitting on a beach sipping cocktails 24/7 is great fun for a couple of days but we get itchy feet and decided we wanted to go on lots of crazy adventures!

So....where better to do so than Thailand hey?

Tuk Tuk's are a common mode of transport in the city of Bangkok and needless to say they are an adventure in themselves!

After an eventful journey with very sweaty palms, we arrived in one piece and checked into our hotel (which might I add cost us £5 a night each). We headed straight out into the hot and sticky humidity of Bangkok and began roaming the city!

I of course started snapping away......

It took us a while to get our bearings (well Reuben, as he was the trusted map reader!) but eventually we made it to The Golden Mount!

This one couldn't quite handle the challenge, safe to say it takes longer than 2 hours to acclimatise to the 40 degree heat!!

The views form the top were absolutely incredible....

But after a good hour of making our way up, it was time to head back down!

Not fancying the hike back, we hopped in a tuk tuk and headed back to the hotel for a cool off and a much needed dip in the pool

Back on Koh San Road, the streets were a lot busier than when we arrived at the crack of dawn

We ran into our room (literally), chucked on our swimming gear and headed straight to the roof top to jump in! It's hard to describe quite how good that feels until you have a hot and sticky day in the humidity of Bangkok!

D&D is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for somewhere cheap and central. Right in the middle of Koh San Road, the hotel provides a lively atmosphere with the most incredible rooftop pool and bar. If you don't mind a little bit of noise and music at night and are happy to pay £10 for the night, then I couldn't recommend this hotel enough! You even get a free breakfast every morning. Unfortunately I cant comment on this as we managed to miss it everyday!

After a good 'ol chill by the pool we hopped in the shower, pulled some clothes on headed out to see the crack of Koh San Road.

Safe to say it was what we expected and more.....much more!!!