17 Aug 2014

Sunday Funday

Everyone knows Sunday evenings are just the worst!

Nothing compares to the Sunday night feeling when you know the alarm will be going off in the morning, ready for a whole week of school or work ahead.

So......I like to fill my Sunday's with fun activities!!

Instead of snuggling up on the sofa watching endless romantic comedies and eating a mound of naughty food, sometimes I prefer to get outside in the fresh air.

Living where I do is the perfect place for going for walks, so on Sunday evening we slipped on our wellies (after shaking for spiders of course) and headed up to Kelston Roundtop.

My family used to do this all the time when we were younger and take the dog with us. It all seemed very easy when we had my dad as a navigator!

But how hard could it be?

We could see the top......we were on a road leading to the top.....'I'm sure it will be fine'!!

Oooops, we'll pretend we didn't see that one!

I couldn't resist stopping for a play on the way up....

And obviously a few pictures.....

As we got closer to the top some very ominous rain clouds appeared, but we carried on like real troopers and hoped for the best!

We were getting closer and closer and finally hit the last hill. Reuben went ahead just to 'check' it was the right way before we stumbled to the top!

Turns out it was the right way......

We made it!! Puffing and panting, we made it to Kelston Roundtop and I can safely say the view did not disappoint!

Luckily we managed to miss the heavy rain clouds and instead sat and watched the rain pour down in the distance.

After 20 minutes of praying the sun would come out for a beautiful sunset, we realised it was wishful thinking and had some fun of our own....

But then it was time to go home.....

Just as we picked up our things and wrapped up in endless hoodies and jumpers....the sun decided to peep out!

But we kept on going down the hill and headed in what looked like the right right direction.

20 minutes later we had made it back to camp....

We gracefully slipped our wellies off (or not so in my case) and made our way back to a mug of hot chocolate just in time for a Sunday dose of Made In Chelsea. I think thats what you call a perfect Sunday afternoon!