8 Sep 2014

Meat Feasting at Grillstock

As much as I am a huge fan of a delicious Italian pasta, there's nothing better than a gigantic, hearty meat feast when you're starving hungry.

Grillstock is new to Bath and has only recently opened. After walking past on many occasions and drooling over the food, we decided it was time to give it a go ourselves.

Lucky for us it was a very warm evening, so instead of waiting in line (tables were in very high demand...always a good sign), we took a table outside and enjoyed the rest of the summer sunshine.

We were very surprised when we found out it was totally different to what we had expected. Assuming it was like any other restaurant, we waited for one of the waitresses to take our order. After a good 10 minutes, we realised thats what the bar was for!

After having a quick peep in the kitchen on the way back from the bar, we had a nightmare picking from the menu, and naturally went for the monster and decided to have a taste of everything on the sharing plate! "Joey doesn't share food" came to mind but I took the risk!

Safe to say it was what we expected.....and more.....and more.....and even more!!!

Piled in mountains on this tray we have a spectacular concoction of.....sticky ribs, chicken falling off the bone, tender beaf brisket, their renowned pulled pork, accompanied by chips, coleslaw and a selection of beans. Oh yes and sausage....theres meat on the side too!

Add with a selection of sauces and your good to go!

Word of warning, there really is no way of doing this elegantly. This is a pick it up in your fingers and get stuck in kinda jobby, maybe not something to consider if your looking to impress!

Luckily I wasn't looking to impress so I carried on and woofed it down like a treat and I have to say, the beaf and the chicken did it for me! I'm gonna put it out there and say that was the best chicken i've ever tasted (soz Nandos)!

If your thinking you could polish this mountain of meat off alone then I wish you luck! We struggled between the two of us and needless to say my company can eat his fair share when it comes to this kinda food!

As the clouds turned black and it started to get a bit nippy, we sat at the table rubbing our full tummies before deciding it was time to head off.

Grillstock was the perfect place for a quick dinner to fill some seriously rumbling tummies! At £14 a head for the Grand Champion that we devoured, its very reasonably priced and gave us a little taste of everything on the menu.

I'm looking forward to coming back for some more of that delightful chicken!

To see what else is on the menu check out Grillstock (it also tells you about all the festivals they are at for all you edgy festival goers!)