19 Apr 2014

Chilly Cocktails

After months of planning to go, we decided it was time that we visited the ICEBAR, London this weekend.

I think almost everybody I know has been to The ICEBAR and flooded Facebook and Instagram with their pictures in eskimo coats, but we just hadn't got round to it.

Tucked down a side street of Oxford Street hides The ICEBAR Bar, a sub-zero bar sculpted out of ice.

The street was packed with lovely bars and restaurants, a great place to go if you want to make a whole evening out of it.

When we got inside, we went into the bar (the very warm bar) and ordered some cocktails. I had a blackberry crumble and it was incredible, while Reuben went for something  a little more refreshing and was definitely jealous!

The ICEBAR is designed and created by the same people that run the Ice Hotel in Sweden (I imagine its like staying in an igloo!!).

Before going in, we knew that 'everything' was going to be made out of ice, but we didn't quite picture what it would look like when literally EVERYTHING is made of ice!

Even the glasses.....

They melted a little every time your lips touch them.....

But boy was it worth it for the fruity, fresh cold cocktails!

Some of us got a little excited by the cold lips and melting glasses!!

The bar was also made out of the ice and as you can imagine, was very slippery! Word of warning and speaking form experience, don't leave your glass on the bar or a table unattended as it will end us on the floor, just like mine did!

The coats did a great job of keeping us warm, even at -5 degrees, but it was definitely very chilly! You are given a 45 minute slot, which before going in sounded like a very short amount of time, but in actual fact was pretty perfect.

Before going in, I imagined the bar to be a lot bigger than it was, but considering the time (and the temperature!!) 45 minutes was just the right amount of time to enjoy some cocktails and obviously take enough photos!! I think I got a bit snappy happy!

When our 45 minutes were up, we headed out of the freezer, had our eskimo coats whipped off by the staff waiting at the door and went into the warm bar to thaw out and enjoy some more cocktails! 

We sat in the bar for a good hour and a half, chatting, enjoying our drinks and warming up and then eventually when we realised that two groups had been in in the time we had been sat there......we headed off! 

I honestly could not recommend the ICEBAR, London enough, whether you are looking for a girls night out (we had a hen do in our session), a romantic night, or even a girly night out with your mum, then its absolutely perfect and a great price too! 

To find out more and book your tickets go to the ICEBAR, London website.