24 Apr 2014

East Street

Whether your looking for somewhere to eat for girl's night, lad's night, date night, meeting or 
just for some good food, East Street is the place you are looking for.

Tucked away on a side road of Tottenham Court Road, East Street brings you the authentic tastes of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea. 

On being seated at your table, the friendly waiters and waitresses bring you a glass of (free!) red bush tea. I can't say i'd ever tried red bush tea before, but theres something about it that feels refreshing and cleansing. 

Don't be put off by the menu, as East Street let's you know whats in every dish and its ALL written in plain English. Easy peasy!! They also tell you which country each dish is from!

The place mats are perfect for all you travellers out there. We spent a good 10 minutes planning out our journey around Thailand as well as tracking my sister who us currently hopping around Eastern Asia.

Our food arrived in the speed of light, there's no waiting around here which is great when your all sat around the table with rumbling tummies!

I went for the Chicken Katsu Curry which came with the most colourful side salad I have ever seen!

Of course I always go sauce on the side, just incase it burns my mouth off (I'm a bit pathetic when it comes to really spicy food!). 

Feeling rather full, but a happy full, the waiter appeared shortly after with the dreaded dessert menu. Who can resist a dessert in a place like this! 

Not us!!

We went for the chocolately Churros which were the icing on the cake of a great dinner! 

However, this was no Cadbury's dairy milk! For all you chocolate fans, don't be fooled by the warm runny chocolate, I have to say it didn't quite beat the creamy chocolately Cadbury's delight of a chocolate fondu! 

Now feeling rather uncomfortably full, we got the bill and prepared to moving. Moving after a meal like this is never an easy task, you'd much rather fall asleep at the table!

When the waiter brought us the receipt, we couldn't quite get over how cheap it was. 

East Street do 25% off all day everyday for students, which I have to say is one of the only places I have been that provide this discount everyday of the week. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a regular stop off for us. Just around the corner from work and the perfect place for a quick and cheap mid-week catch up!

For more information on the cuisines of East Asia served at East Street, visit their blindingly bright website!!