14 Apr 2014

Nice Day One

After my first year of working full time in the big smoke, this holiday could not have come at a better time.

AT 5:30pm on Tuesday afternoon, my out of office was on, desk all packed up and I was off. Obviously there were a million things still to be done (including packing) because after all when am I ever organised to go away.

Packing done, I met Reuben at Vauxhall and we headed to Gatwick to catch our flight.

After a very short and pleasurable flight we hopped on a bus to the apartment to meet the others. The drive along the promenade was amazing and a great introduction to Nice. 

On entering the apartment we met Gladys.........

I'll leave the rest of the apartment to your imagination, but it's most likely what your picturing!!

After a quick catch up, we headed to bed ready for an early start to begin our exploring!!!
Nice is know for it amazing markets and lucky enough for us we were staying on top (literally) of one of the biggest and most amazing markets in The Old Town. 
This picture was taken from the roof top garden of the apartment, which looked over the whole market and you can even see the sea if you look closely. Pretty perfect location!

The market was chocka block with fruit and vegetable stalls, with a beautiful flower market at the end.

The locals were here for their weekly shops, while the tourists (us) wandered aimlessly, in awe of the spectacular colours and smells that you get immersed in.

And of course I couldn't resist but to get some of these amazing yellow roses!

After a quick stop for breakfast, we headed out to catch the bus to a close by beach.

The main beach in Nice is a pebble beach, so after a bit of getting lost and turning up at the wrong beach, we eventually found the sandy beach.....and boy was it worth the wait!

After faffing about for a good 10 minutes, we all plucked up the courage and dived into the icy cold water. The immediate pain was horrific, but we all went numb after a little while and turned into little fish!

After an ice-cream stop and a dry off (warn up!) in the sun, we headed back to the town as we were all a bit excited for our afternoons activities.

Yes, thats right......we were going rollerblading!!!

Some of us were a little wobbly at the start, but we picked it up pretty quickly!

Rollerblading down the promenade made me feel like I was skating on Venice Beach (if only), it was full of people blading, on bikes, running or just strolling along the beach, something that you don't get to see in London!

After an hour on the blades we headed back to the shop to return them, bump, scratch and bruise free. I think the smug smile on my face haunted me when I then proceeded to stack it on the zebra crossing in front of a busy road of cars. Ooooopsie, smile and wave!

After the slight incident, it was definitely time for a beveraaaage!

After head to every happy hour in the market and spending a fortune we hopped across the street and back to the apartment for some standard holiday card games, are particular fave was Plop de Tete (i'll let you do the translation!!).