12 Apr 2014

What's The Point Of It? - Martin Creed

I have to admit, I'm not usually one for art galleries and exhibitions, however I think today could have changed my mind!

We headed down to Southbank, to The Hayward Gallery to see what all this talk was of Martin Creed's work.

I think its safe to say we enjoyed ourselves......

My hair was an absolute nightmare! One essential piece of advice to anyone with long hair....don't forget a hair tie! 

I felt like I was a child again, running round in the ball pit, except this time the balloons were flying over the top of your head and everyone was a little larger! 

We definitely began to act like children, hitting the balloons in each other faces. What more do you expect, a rugby player and a netball player in a room full of balloons...... 

Obviously I got a bit competitive and went for more balloons.....I guess I'm that one naughty child that just wants to win! 

It then got to the point where it began to get a bit stressful! Worrying your going to stand on a child, bump into another excitable adult, have half of your hair pulled out by the balloons.......

I think it was time to go.....

We called it a day in the balloon pit and carried on with the rest of the gallery in a much more civilised manor!

Okay maybe I lied?!!

There were so many things to look at in the gallery and I still can't tell you what the point of any them is, I guess thats the best part of it!

This was a particular favourite of mine....

We had a great time at Martin Creed's, What's the Point of It gallery, we laughed, we (nearly) cried, we felt excited, we felt sick and we came out feeling elated and amazed (we also came out still feeling like kids!).

If you have an afternoon to fill, your in the Southbank area and most importantly, are looking to relive your childhood, then this is just the place you need to be!