6 May 2014

Leaving Goodbyes

After 11 months working with the best company imaginable, it was time to say goodbye :(

Since June last year I have been living in London and working for a Sports Management company called Octagon. I could not have asked for a better year with better people and feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity,

Friday afternoon was a very sad one as I packed up my desk and said goodbye to Waterhouse Square...

No matter how much i moaned about going back to work on a Sunday evening, I absolutely loved my job. You have to moan on a Sunday evening thats what its there for! At times i felt stress on levels that i had never felt it before, but boy did it feel good coming through it and doing a damn good job!

I worked in the most beautiful building in the middle of London and not once did i take it for granted.

If i work anywhere half as amazing as this place after university then i will consider myself one lucky girly! Let's just keep our fingers crossed for some motivation to get me through 4th year!

Having never seen my office and being absolutely dying to, on Saturday morning I took my sports mad mum for a sneak peak while no one was in!

She couldn't believe the size of the offices, which was something i couldn't get to terms with when i first started too. I guess its like anything though, after a couple of weeks being there you couldn't imagine it any other way!

Mother started to get a little too keen, so i decided it was time to leave and say our final goodbyes!

I cant wait to be back in the big smoke this weekend......I've only been gone a couple of days and i already miss the life and busyness of the city as well as the amazing friends i have met this year!