4 May 2014

Visiting Lizzie

After living in London for 11 months, I decided that this weekend would be the weekend I went to see the Queen. It's ever so rude that I have lived here for so long now and not payed a single visit to Lizzie!

Sooo...off we trotted, up to Buckingham Palace!

Saturday morning, at the biggest tourist attraction in London, was total utter chaos!

Groups of school children running riot, families losing their children and children screaming because they cant see the Queen!

Aside from that, the surroundings were beautiful and we couldn't help but to stare at the Guards, and enjoy the touristic atmosphere ourselves!

Everyone loves to be a tourist and we sure know how to pose like one!

I was enjoying snapping away, taking my touristic pictures and then this cheeky grin peered over!!

But then this happened........

Not such a cheeky grin anymore hey!!

Anyway, one wardrobe malfunction later, we headed off for a wander around Green park. Reuben proceeded to tell me how the Queen owned all of the swans in the world, I laughed and OBVIOUSLY didn't believe him, however its true, the Queen really does own all the swans in the world. Fascinating fact for the day! 

This little guy wasn't the friendliest of fellas......


The flowers surrounding the palace were amazing and all I wanted to do was run across the grass and dive into the flower bed with my camera, there were no signs saying 'please keep off the grass' (like we had at school), but i guess thats just Palace etiquette!!

 After a visit to Horse Guards Parade and one last selfie, we decided it was time to head back to to beautiful Mile End (for those of you that don't know Mile End, thats was hugely sarcastic!). 

I have to say its jolly tiring being a tourist, but none the less we had a great day visiting Lizzie and will be sure to not leave it so long next time!

Happy Blogging!